How to increase your intelligence to write and understand great complicated code

If you take example of any opensource package, software, etc.

You will find many courses to learn how to use them.

But where are the courses, books, material, etc to get the ability to understand the internal codebase of any popular opensource repo and get the ability to write such files.

I know these are not created in few days plus many great contributes are there. But how to get that ability.

Considered example of TypeORM I looked at its repo was able to understand many files partially but I cannot write the logic of single file if someone ask me to do so. I may get the logic too but will not be able to implement it at low level through lines of code.

So how people got that level of intelligence to write such kind of code bases.

how they had such and amazing thought process handling and thinking so many cases and then how they wrote such an amazing code at low level

And on what platforms open source contributors have meeting beacuse without connecting to each other coordination is not possible. So how can I participate in such meetings.

There is no easy simple answer for this. It’s a combination of education, practice, experience, and community (and probably other things I forgot to include).

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I would not say it is about intelligence. It’s a matter of practice and experience.

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