How to integrate a public Tableau dashboard into a responsive web design theme?

I did some research on trying to find on how to integrate dashboards like tableau into a responsive web design sites. Couldn’t find much help.

This is my tableau dashboard on tableau public server. I have my javascript embed code working and ready of this public dashboard.

I need to put this dashboard into a responsive design theme SB Admin 2 - Free Bootstrap Admin Theme I am stuck, where do I start from? do I have to put/replace this in index.html, or any js files?

This theme already has a dashboard, shall I remove it or replace it to put this tableau dashborad into it?

Seems like the dashboard view for this theme is contained in pages/index.html, and there, everything except navbar to the left is inside page-wrapper div.

So as a first step you could try replacing contents of this div with your embed code, and go from there, I guess.