How to keep the focus on my learning?

Hello everyone!

I get easily distracted and I would like to know how I can avoid distractions while studying. Currently, I’m reviewing all the ES6, Regular Expressions, and Data Structure courses . I live with other people here, so I get easily distracted. I would like to know how to improve my studies. How can I avoid distractions?

It can be really hard to focus when there are distractions. I know because I often, when I’m trying to code, I have a 5yr old trying to climb on me or ask me to identify dinosaurs for her.

The best suggestion I have is to find the quietest space you can, preferably with a lock on the door…

Sometimes I find listening to Bach (or whatever music calms your mind) through headphones helps to cut out background distractions too.

Thanks for the suggestion my friend!

I saw in your other thread you do not have a computer. If you have a library with PCs or a cybercafé (internet café, whatever they call it) somewhat nearby it might solve both issues. You get some alone time and a PC you can use. With GitHub and online editors, you can save your work to the cloud.

Might not be an option for you but I just wanted to make the suggestion anyway.

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@lasjorg thank very much!

What these other people do ? Are they have big goals like you ? If not it’s better to leave these people.

Your future / goals / destiny depends on immediate 5 people with whom you’ve daily contacts & spend most time with.

  • To keep focus have quarterly, monthly and weekly goals
  • Follow pomedoro techniques
  • Do meditation
  • Keep note of daily tasks done and compare it against weekly goals
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Set aside a place to study that is quiet and free of distractions.

Use timers to help you stay focused on chores. Break up big topics into smaller pieces.

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@vikramvi I really appreciate your comment. In fact, I cannot leave here because I’m leaving with my mum and brother . She is a single mother, so I’m always help her doing the chores. I have to find a quieter time to study, maybe at night. I’m also work part time job in agriculture. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try to do some meditation and I loved your pomodoro technique suggestion, thank you.


I suggest one more effective thing, find a study group in your locality / online and keep each other motivated and in check towards common goal of getting developer job in next X quarters.

Studying alone is really boring, doing it with like minded people is really cool and enjoyable.

All the very best

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Apologies for my earlier comment of yesterday, I thought you were staying with some friends; didn’t know it is your close family.

End of day family is most important thing in the world, you can explain your goals to your family and ask them for support as well.

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