How to know if I'm good enough with react ? When to jump in to reactnative?

Hello guys I started learning react about a month ago , and I’ve been learning a lot .But my question is how do I know I’m good enough with react to jump into react native.
Thank you have a nice weekend!<3

I would suggest you just start to learn React Native now if that is what you want to learn.

Yeah, 95% of React Native is just React. If you can code basic React pages and understand how components and how data is passed between components then you probably have enough. Anything beyond that that you want for RN, you can just learn in the RN environment since they are basically the same.

The main differences between React and RN are that RN doesn’t have web DOM elements but have a few native ones (div is View, and things like p and h1 become a Text element), the CSS is slightly different (but not much), you usually have to be more aware of space because the screen is smaller, and the events are a little different (no hover events and “press” instead of “click”, etc.) All of that is pretty simple. The hardest part about RN is getting the environment set up. That took me a week of googling and pulling my hair out. After that, the transition from React to RN was fairly easy.

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