How to know when to search for new coding tools

Hello! I’ve been wondering about this topic for a time now, and it’s kind of a weird thing to answer to, I think, but I feel like maybe someone could be interested in answering this.

So, these last weeks I’ve been learning some html/css and javascript on this website, and I feel I’ve learned quite a lot so far, but of course I’m aware that the amount of things learned are not even a 5% of all there is to know about web development and the like.

What I’ve been wondering about is: when coding, how do you know if you have the proper tools for solving a problem or implemening a piece of code properly? How often do you get stuck at some point, and decide the problem is that there is a tool you’re missing, a function you never heard about, or a library you need to get? I feel like it must be a common thing to think that the reason why you’re not getting to what you want to get is not that you’re not using what you already know correctly, but that there is some specific piece of information you’re missing and you need to google (or search for in other ways).

But to me at least, I found myself not finding a clear solution to a problem for more than an hour, even when I was given the tools I was told I had to use, and I feel that, if I wasn’t told I didn’t need to look for anything new, I would have wasted a lot of time searching for something that at the end I didn’t need to solve those problems.

So, when you encounter an issue you can’t seem to find a solution to, do you have a particular criteria to judge whether you should be looking for new coding tools somewhere else or not, or do you just follow your guts when something like this happens?

I don’t know if I was clear enough, I’m sorry if it’s too messy.

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