How to land a job abroad?

I believe lots of campers are living in places where it’s hard to find a tech job, so I’m wondering what are some good resource for finding jobs abroad?

I’m currently using Stackoverflow Jobs to find jobs that have visa sponsorship.


I live near New York City and it’s tough to land a junior web development job because the bar is set really high for candidates, so I’m always looking for jobs abroad. You can try Indeed. I believe there are several countries that have an indeed site that searches in that location. And although this next one is temporary, you can still try Jobbatical. It gives you the opportunity to work for companies abroad, and it usually lasts for a few months. If you’re interested in remote work, We Work Remotely has a great listing of remote jobs.

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Thanks, this is really helpful.
Have you tried any of these? Did you get any interview?

Just to add on this issue you have to be very careful about skill level if you wanna work remotely. I had several opportunities to work remotely still bar is really set to high and clients are usually more a “bunch of people” then really a proper company. Before you apply for a remote job prepare your resume or online portfolio and be very confident about your skills because interviews are preceeded with skill test usually and sometimes even online coding. So, it is far from easy but you can find a employer that will hire you but only if your skill level is, lets say at least intermediate. And of course just in rare cases its a long term job, in most cases are time limited to some period but a great way to make a buck, gain experience and then find a local company vacancies to apply. With freelance work and experience it is far more likely for you to be hired. Good luck !

Thank you mirkoacimovic,

Can you share a bit more about finding remote work and freelance work?