How to landscape

Hola, hello, ciao, oi

i did a responsive tribute Page, and everything looks right, but when i put the cell phone horizontal, my @media stop working; i tried different ways to made it possible, but any change i did to the code, the @media stops work

i don’t know how to use it for lanscape.
(i tryied with orientation, and stuff, but didnt work)

any help it will be awesome
here the 2 links to my TributePage in CodePen, and my 2nd link

gracias, thanks, grazie, obrigado \o/

Your media query applies only to screens with 400px max width - the only devices to have this viewport width in landscape would be smart watches, certainly not a phone.

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Thank you so so much.
I was blind, to much code for a day, my brain couldn’t pay it.
Thank you for loose your time \o/