How to learn CSS?

hello guys,
I am new in Html5 and CSS,I have done all challenges of FreeCodeCamp,and I think they are not enough for me.I am struggling in making “My Portfolio Challange”.Please any one tell any good source of CSS where I can learn and improve my skills of Html5 and CSS.
Thank you

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@DikshantAgarwal I would suggest keep on trying with the current skills learned and ask for feedback within the community when you have an issue occur.

Plenty of useful resources online but within a community who are also studying the same material everyone can learn and advise when stuck.

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Since the first part mostly focused in Bootstrap, use their CSS guide in another tab to help with the portfolio. See it at .

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Thanks for useful words.

I use this as a reference, and it’s really awesome. They have tutorials, but I find it’s most useful to think about what you want to do, try it, and if you can’t figure it out, just go to the page here that discusses it.

Thanks @P1xt for guiding me