How to learn Python

Hello, could you please tell me where to go to learn Python?

Well, why you do not go to the official Python website/community and start by reading the official documentation and learning about all the recommended resources by the Python community there? “Simples.”

If you already have some experience in programming, I recommend Google’s python class. I finished this one and was equipped with enough knowledge to kick start in python.

I’m taking a Udemy course, really helps to have the structured learning. Tried free online tutorials for a while, but it’s more helpful when someone walks you through it, provides coding exercises/challenges, etc.


Looks like they still have the ~$12 deal going…

Hi! On YouTube there is a tutorial on FCC channel for beginners and DataCamp also have Python courses, I like DataCamp because there is a lot of practice.

i just started myself and am finishing Cursera/python for beginners and i wrote my first working code (aside from Hello World ) the other day im also new to this site this is my first post

Hi. Python is so easy and you can learn it for free. don’t waste your money for paid videos or books. just follow these:
1- Brief tutorial for python beginners: tutorialspoint/python:
2- Learn python with more details with this great book: automate the boring stuff
3- Final stage: learn more python the hard way
4- make something!
Good Luck.

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Tim Buchalka has a great Python course on Udemy: Tim Buchalka Python Course

As does Colt Steele: Colt Steele Python Course

And I have seen the news that FCC is coming out with Python certifications soon, so I am back for that =)

Sharing my opinion, the most frustrating thing when I was learning Python was how generic all the learning resources were. I just felt like they wanted me to spend 2 long, boring, months on Python syntax before I could even think about doing what interesting for me.
I think that the first step in learning any programming language is making sure that you understand how to learn. Learning how to learn is the most crucial skill involved in computer programming. Suggest to find your own approach, which feels good, and good luck!