How to learn the smart way?

Hey there,

I’m fairly new to coding. I tried a few years ago, but because of other plans stopped again.

Now I’m super dedicated to learn and go for it.

I would like to hear how you learn and what methods you use for remembering? Does anyone ever take notes or is it only by trial and error until you remember the syntax?

I’m very interested in hearing different takes on this, if possible.


This question gets asked a lot. You can search the forums and see other answers.

Some learn by taking notes because writing down helps to them to remember but they never reference their notes again.

Others take high-level notes to grasp a concept.

Others know how to search so when they do have something they don’t recall they know they can find it.


Some people take notes (including myself) because they find that taking the time to write things out and phrase it in their own words helps them build understanding. For other people taking notes feels like a total waste of time. It really just depends on your style.


Its a combination of many approaches people list, taking notes, research, practice etc, but i wouldnt say there is a straightforward way which would work best in any and every case. You should apply every method you find and see what works best for you and what might be slowing you down. I definitely like to go over with notes when i research a new topic and i like to revise once im done with it, reference to the documentation, when i stumble upon using it in my own project, but the best learning experience is definitely working outside the regular tasks on real projects, being exposed to actual problems and finding the best approach to solve them.
One advise coming from top of my head is, whenever you face a more complex problem, look how others solved it, there usually is a very efficient solution somewhere, no need to invent the hot water as they say. Then if you understand this solution, apply it in your work.


That’s a nice question. I found it nice because I am always trying to figure out what is working and what could be done better, in trying to learn things. As has been talked about before, taking notes is good if you have the habit of reviewing them, as is trying to find out what works best for you by using different approaches. That probably means that you would need to take some notes on those, as a science experiment :slight_smile:

I find that doing projects, no matter how trivial, works best for me when trying to learn something. I suggest checking out “Learning How to Learn”, on It’s a little course that’s full of great ideas on how to learn anything.


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