How to learn with freeCodeCamp?


Currently I’m at this challenge: CSS Flexbox: Add Flex Superpowers to the Tweet Embed.
But I doubt of my capacity to create the same content now.
Do I have to be able to create the same before going further ? Or I’ll just have to make challenge one after the other ?

The challenges only present an example of what CSS can be used for. Don’t worry about feeling that you have to know or remember everything already!

At the end of the HTML & CSS course there will be a couple of projects where you will test what you’ve learned. Take it at your own pace and go back or google if you need a refresher!

Good luck!

The best thing to do is complete the challenge chronologically . FCC is designed so that at first will get the fundamentals of HTML , CSS and Javascript.

Don’t forget to Read documents, search in the internet and if you really don’t know where to go. Ask us in this forum