How to level up my javascript knowledge?

Hi everyone, so I’m learning js for almost 2 months now and I find very hard to put all what I learned so far together when I need to solve some exercises. In algorithm scripting chapter I struggle to solve those basic stuff. So basically when I see the solution I know how it works, but I can’t come up with my own code solutions. What books or online resources you recommend to move from this so called tutorial purgatory and starting to understand how this awesome language works?

I like these books.

Also try to make your own projects. Something your interested in or will solve some type of problem you have or want to help with.

I hear this one is good too.

This is great, you can work through it online.

If you want a very in depth dive into web development I suggest buying this:

Awesome, thanks guys, I appreciate that!

I suggest going back and resetting many of the challenges and try to solve them again (maybe use a different algorithm the 2nd time around) and make sure you really understand the logic needed to solve the challenges on your own (without looking at the solutions). Almost everybody can “understand” the solution once they have seen it, but that does not always mean they can recreate it or solve it in a different way.