How to maintain work-life balance in a developer job?

I started my first job as a front end dev in sept /2020.

While I enjoy my work , I am spending way too much time in work.

currently I am in India working for a US client. Apart from coding 9hrs , I have to attend their lengthy planning meetings which takes place everyday at morning and night.
I cannot complain as this is my first job and I really need to get experience. I just needed advice from any experienced dev on how do i seperate my work and personal life cause currently I feel like a zombie who has no life but just has to code

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  • create personal boundaries: this is important for life in general, not just work
  • create alternative opportunities, so that you can protect your personal boundaries: always have a pipeline of other jobs or employers at hand
  • create good communication skills and self-confidence: learn how to ask questions that probably feel “not nice”, e.g. “What is the agenda of this meeting and how does this benefit my work?”, “Why do I need to know this?”, “I think it makes sense to work on the important coding tasks and read the summary of the meeting.”
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Sometimes there’s not much you could do if it is a company/team wide work culture, the only way out is just to move on to the next one. And do some good research on the next company and team/manager.