How to make a blog?

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, I know what I more or less want to make the blog about but I don’t know how to approach making one. Should I make a site from scratch with the HTML and CSS I know or should I use something like Wordpress and the like?
Thx for the advice in advance!

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Its up to you. Imo, if you only know some HTML&CSS you’d better use some existing platform or you can go with Wordpress but you’ll have to buy domain name, hosting, probably template, promotion etc

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If you have your own domain and hosting, you can use WordPress for your purpose. It’s simple to use. Remember, if you use WordPress, you should use security plugin like (AIOWPS, – it’s free), otherwise you may see that your site is hacked!!! But still there will be problem if you don’t know the behavior of security plugin - your site may get locked, and you will lose all data if you are not expert in WordPress. So, I suggest, although WordPress is simple to use, you should try to use security plugin and observe it before adding your blog data.

Complete process is very simple. You can use WordPress. And if you finally decide to use it, let me know, I’ll tell you which features not to use. And if you know everything I am talking about, that’s fine.

Thank you.

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yeah, @Ma3_str0 first of all, welcome to the blogging world. Wordpress is the reliable platform for the beginners of blog websites. You can customize the designing of the website or blog by working with the HTML or CSS.