How to make a color hierarchy for a website?

I’ve checked some themes of websites and have seen that they define some color which dominates the look and feel of the website or web application. But when I start to design a website from scratch I feel confused about how to choose colors or how to make a hierarchy among them and so on.

How Front End designers choose these colors?

Hi Shofol1- Apologies in advance since I can’t include links in this forum yet as a newbie… Hack Design has a ton of free, online lessons and one of them is called “Building Color Confidence” (lesson 17). Within that lesson, one of the links mentioned is to a site called COLOURlovers which has color palettes of various other web sites (along with hex codes & RGB values). Hope this helps… good luck!

Thank you very much for the references. I’ve found the guide and looking forward to it.

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