How to make a link out of a whole paragraph?

Is there a syntactically accurate way to use a whole paragraph or section as a link, to lead to a page, or section of a page?
I am designing navigation menu. When you hover on certain nav link, they show a trimmed version of a section on my page and i want the user to be able to click on the respective trimmed segment and be redirected to that particular section(underneath i use React Router).
And a sub question. A submenu has few headings, representing sections in a document and beneath each heading, there is list of several items present in the respective section. Can you turn those headings into anchors, while still keeping their heading tag(h1, h2, h3 etc,), e.g. a heading hyperlink?

Sure. You can nest a paragraph or other tag inside an anchor tag the same way that you nested an image in an anchor tag in one of the freeCodeCamp exercises.

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