How to make a submit button work

Hello, i am trying to get my submit button to send the submitted form to my email so i can see the results. I am doing this project on codepen, how would i do this?

You can use mailto to get it to your address. It’s horribly unsecure so you don’t want to use this for anything with sensitive information.

does this send the whole page to myself?

it does not, do you know how i would make it send the full page?

Wouldn’t it launch native email client?

It’s not that straightforward. You will have to use some kinda of email client that does email delivery for you.
Example - You may need to sign up…
It would have been much simpler if you were writing your own server. Since you’re developing on codepen, you need to find an email service that allows you to send emails via ajax requests.

Probably in Code pen.