How to make a web browser in python?

I just wanted to create my own web browser using python but its a difficult thing tho any help around?

This has come up as a request on here several times so I’m assuming you’re following some specific curriculum maybe??

Anyway. There are a huge number of links if you Google for this. I’m assuming that you’ve had a look there and tried to follow at least one of the tutorials that walk you through building a simple web browser. What in particular are you stuck on?

Why do you want to make your own browser though?
And yeah, it’s difficult because you have to do a lot of things… well I guess most of it is already covered in various libraries, which makes it even harder to give you any help, if you can’t tell us your problem or the libraries you are using.

If you want to make a simple web browser than use pyqt5 refer it’s docment it will be easy for you

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