How to make absolute positioned div react to hover?


I’m still very new to CSS, but I’m currently working on a textbox layout that’s giving me some trouble.

I have 1 large hover box placed above one medium box beside an image div. Now the medium box and the image div are “pushed” down like they should when I hover over the large box. Everything with those 3 boxes work fine, the issue is that I want to add an image in the corner of the medium box (just decoration), but when positioned, that corner image won’t “push” down, like the rest when I hover over the large box.

I’m guessing the issue is when I use position: absolute to position the cornerimage div, it makes it so it’s not affected by the other objects. So I guess my question is, how would I go about placing the image in the corner of the box, without using position: absolute?

post your code, going with just your description is really hard to know what’s going on

Here’s the link to the code of the boxes: CSS box layout (error) -

I’d like to add the image to the corner of the medium box.