How to make accessable reversed email on screen readers only?

<p>Please email us at 
<span style="unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction: rtl;">

Like this but wanna display correct only on screen readers? Any idea?


There isn’t any display on a screen reader, it just reads the text out, it doesn’t care about how you style it

I not really have a screen reader but with direction rtl is can be display good on it? Is something like from prevent bots to copy paste e-mail for spam. Something like with an image but is figured with CSS.


Well, the text direction just changes the text direction, visually. If you had an rtl language, it will mean it correctly goes from right to left. If it’s an ltr, the text will display in reverse. It wont change what the text is in the html

Nope, a bot doesn’t care about your CSS

EDIT: why not just use an emai service that is good at catching any spam, like Gmail? Like if you put your Gmail address on, most of the time you aren’t going to see any spam because the software will automatically catch it.

You can replace each character the email address with html entity codes, which will probably catch a lot of bots because the bots are stupid