How to make an endpoint, making a GET request from the HERE API with GraphQL and Apollo in Angular?

I’m trying to make a GET request to the HERE API with GraphQL and Apollo in Angular, but I do not know how I should structure my endpoint, because with API REST, it looks like this:{YOUR_APP_ID}&app_code{YOUR_APP_CODE}&searchtext=425+W+Randolph+Chicago

and it returns this:

{"Response": {
  "MetaInfo": {"Timestamp": "2016-11-02T13:24:11.575+0000"},
  "View": [{
    "_type": "SearchResultsViewType",
    "ViewId": 0,
    "Result": [{
      "Relevance": 1,
      "MatchLevel": "houseNumber",
      "MatchQuality": {
        "City": 1,
        "Street": [0.9],
        "HouseNumber": 1
      "MatchType": "pointAddress",
      "Location": {
        "LocationId": "NT_Opil2LPZVRLZjlWNLJQuWB_0ITN",
        "LocationType": "point",
        "DisplayPosition": {
          "Latitude": 41.88432,
          "Longitude": -87.6387699
        "NavigationPosition": [{
          "Latitude": 41.88449,
          "Longitude": -87.6387699
        "MapView": {
          "TopLeft": {
            "Latitude": 41.8854442,
            "Longitude": -87.6402799
          "BottomRight": {
            "Latitude": 41.8831958,
            "Longitude": -87.6372599
        "Address": {
          "Label": "425 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60606, United States",
          "Country": "USA",
          "State": "IL",
          "County": "Cook",
          "City": "Chicago",
          "District": "West Loop",
          "Street": "W Randolph St",
          "HouseNumber": "425",
          "PostalCode": "60606",
          "AdditionalData": [
              "value": "United States",
              "key": "CountryName"
              "value": "Illinois",
              "key": "StateName"
              "value": "Cook",
              "key": "CountyName"
              "value": "N",
              "key": "PostalCodeType"

which is correct, but with GraphQL it returns this: TypeError: Failed to fetch.
My code is next:

constructor(private apollo: Apollo, private httpLink: HttpLink) { 
      link: httpLink.create({ uri: '' }),
      cache: new InMemoryCache()

It is assumed that the endpoint is in uri, but I do not know how it should be structured with GraphQL.

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Do you have a link to the documentation for the GQL API you’re using? I can only see docs for the Rest API. And GQL servers have a single endpoint (not ones for each resource like a Rest API would have).

Also you don’t normally make GET requests to a GQL API, you normally always do a POST with the GQL query as the body, although Apollo should abstract away any need to know about that (you do a query, mutation or a subscription, and I think in this case you would only be able to do queries).