How to make app run "online"

Hello group. I started learning Python about a week ago. I have a few years of experience with other languages, mostly Pascal and C#, and I’ve always programmed for desktop, so I’m a bit clueless when it comes to web programming.

So I was able to pull off my first working app with Python using APIs YAY!!! It feels so great, like I control the whole internet LOL
What my little program does is it uses Shopify API to get the orders, then using a lookup table that I have on disk in a .csv file it calls a webhook on another platform called Kajabi where the user gets added and activated, where he will be watching the live videos he purchased at the Shopify website.

What I want to do now is to automate it completely, I don’t want to have to run my script, I want the Kajabi product be activated for that user as soon as he checks out on Shopify and there’s a new order, and I want this not to depend on my computer.
How do you do this? Where do I start?

I’m still a Python newbie myself, so this approach might not be the best answer. But my first thought is to create a batch file to run the script and then create a task scheduler to run the batch file for when and how often you’d like the script to be executed.

Hi Daniel, whats up?
You may have one daemon that calls Shopify API every X units of time and depending on the output it calls your main python script.
One suggestion is to encapsulate all of the actions that you mentioned (daemon + main script + persistence) into one single microservice that you can either switch if on or off.