How to make auto-click programs?

I’m wondering how they can make auto-clicks apps can run just only for specific windows ( like i want to press the “S” key on chrome.exe only, while i continue using my computer for other purposes, the *chrome.exe still press “S” key ) i want to know some keyword or some information about that. Thanks u guys :blush:

I recall reading that if you want a keypresses to be handled by a browser tab/window then that browser tab/window must be open and have focus. If this is true then you couldn’t use your computer for other purposes outside of that browser tab/window.

This could be wrong though and I do not know how this applies to auto-clicking apps, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in.

i’m using an apps like that for gaming (that’s a football game look like fifa and that app can play and claim the daily missions for me ) , and they called it (No Focus) and i’m wondering how they can do that : :confused: