How to make Brief Generator using JS

I’ve went through the one of the FCC article How to build a random quote generator with JavaScript and HTML, for absolute beginners and wondered what if i able to make a random brief generator like some of the genrators ik to hone skills on the internet like and goodbrief. I always wanted to know and learn how am i able to make something like that. I really want to learn and adapt that kind of functionality

these are the brief generators that i like the most


and really wants to know how am i able to make generator like they made really admire their work and their hardwork and respect too. I know that it’d never had been so easy for them to make such type of generator

What skills do you have? Do you have basic knowledge of HTMl, CSS and JS?

If so then the logic is quit simple → generate a random number and then access the randomth element in an array containing the quotes and output the result (if im going by what is given in the article you mentioned).

the article is just a example of a random simple generator however making a brief generator like the way they made isn’t so easy so the logic you’ve stated above isn’t enough we have to do something more complex

These use complex algorithms and also lots web scraping, ai and stuff.
Im not so sure on how exactly they work though.

like i do able to get the goddbrief generator v 1 code and here how it loooks like

this one

this is the js code of that goodbrief generator 1v

Just did a quick read through, the concept is somewhat like the freecodecamp exercise , its just implemented in a more advanced way.

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