How to make chrome extension for website without any app?

I want to make chrome extension for my tickled pink boutique website . Let me know if anyone have idea for this.

What are you hoping to achieve with a chrome extension?

I would like to make extension for my website.

What functionality would you achieve with the extension, that you couldn’t achieve without it?

What extension you wanna add?

Don’t ask me for more details. please, only suggest me steps.

Everyone is asking you for it because, we want the steps match up to something you really need and came for :3 instead of just giving you random things you might not even need.

Some answers to these questions might help us help you:

Why do you want a chrome extension for this site?

Do you own this site, and can you edit the code on this site?

Are there particular features missing from this site you would like to add?

How experienced are you with web development?

i want to create extension for only learning purpose.

try this link then