How to make GUI's for programs

I just entered the programming world.
i want to know that , when we make C , CPP or Python programs we get outputs and inputs in Command Prompt . But in real life we have to deliver easy to use , User friendly application. so how we can make that kind of GUI for these programs.
Like Firefox is Build in CPP but it is user they made it.

I used visual basic 2010 edition in school and it created guis.

Most of the front end visual is done using CSS and its libraries.

sorry, but i am asking for c,c++ and python programs.:grinning:

Are you referring to explicitly desktop programs?

In web dev Python can be used as a backend language, so too can c and c++. As a result their front end counterpart would be CSS.

oops!!:sweat_smile: yes i am referring explicitly to desktop programs
Google is wonderful… I am not near my desktop to confirm if visual studio has pthyon, but I know you can create c projects in visual studio.

I know this isn’t really what you are asking about, but I thought it might be interesting.

It used to be all XUL, but I’m pretty sure they want to move away from it, the dev tools are not XUL anymore and (all of it?) is written with React/Redux.

Here is another UI framework, Qt