How to make my portfolio looks exactly like the project(help)

Hi there,
My name is Rafał and this is my first post. Few days ago I’ve started creating my portfolio and I everything was fine, until I viewed it in the full page. Everything was messed up so i started to moving things around. Now it looks fine in the full page view but looks awful in the project. Is there a way to make it displays the same in both cases? Here is a link to full page:

And this is my project:

The portfolio is not finished yet, and there will be a lot of changes of course.
English is not my native language so sorry if I write something wrong, or said something that makes no sense:)

Hi Rafał,

Two things I notice are a couple unpaired tags (opening

without a closing
) and a couple missing bootstrap tags (like
outside the “row”), Also, the “al” class was causing the divs to position in ways you wouldn’t expect.

I recommend trying to keep the code clean by indenting and adding spaces before lines and try to stick to the basic bootstrap classes.

Here is a clone of your repository with a few classes removed.

Link to codepen io