How to make my webpage downloadable

How do I make my HTML webpage downloadable?

Like I create a webpage that searches for a student record information and has a link with the text of download and once clicked it downloads the student record information in a PDF or txt format

There’s no native solution from client to PDF, as far as I am aware of.
If you have a web server you can set the Content Type header to application/pdf
and then send a binary file.

Or if you need to use the client you may probably have to rely on some library like jsPdf.

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Thanks a lot @Marmiz the jspdf library really helped.

This is the syntax to download a file <a download = “filename”

File name - specifies the new filename for the downloaded file that specify a value for the download attribute which will be the new filename of the downloaded file. This site has a lot of stuff about PDF format.