How to make navbar responsive on phone

The link above is my code for the personal portfolio. Please help me make the navbar mobile responsive.

Can you be more specific in what you are looking to do?

When I clickon the narbar menu on my phone, it does not direct me to the specific section of the page even though it works on my laptop. So I would like to know how to make the navbar menu work on my phone as well.

just checked on both chrome mobile developer and on my phone they seem to work fine.

What exactly does it do when you click the navbar menue on your phone?

For example, when I click on “contact” on my phone, it does not navigate me to the “contact section”.

When you clicked on “contact” on your phone, did it navigate you to the “contact section”?

it does however it doesn’t appear like it is since the page just doesn’t go down far enough to full show it.
Basically it can only scroll down as far as the page can scroll.