How to make perfect coding assignments to land a job

I would like to see a small roadmap or steps, that could help me create perfect coding assignments that they give during coding interview process

Have you finished a learning program? For example, have you finished the FCC course?

I’m not sure what “perfect coding assignments” are. Here is my suggested plan:

  1. Learn to code. Do a program that gives you a full, integrated stack. The MERN stack that FCC provides is good. You don’t necessarily need the Python stuff for that, but that is good stuff too.
  2. Build lots of stuff - not just the stuff in tutorials and coding challenges, but also your own projects.
  3. Work on algorithms and algorithm challenges.
  4. Keep building lots of stuff - use it as a chance to force yourself to learn new things.
  5. Build a portfolio site, resume, linkedin presence, Stack Overflow presence, etc. And nurture and maintain these.
  6. Keep building lots of stuff.
  7. Develop contacts - talk to people, in person and online - go to meetups.
  8. Keep building lots of stuff.
  9. Practice your interviewing skills.
  10. Keep building lots of stuff.
  11. Get good at interviews by doing a lot of them. They will suck at first, but you’ll get better - this is a skill.
  12. Keep building lots of stuff.
  13. Read and learn. Read documentation, blog posts, watch videos. Keep learning.
  14. Keep building lots of stuff.

That is the path to success. The don’t necessarily have to be in that exact order, and they can overlap, but that’s what you need (imho) to succeed.

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