How to make showcase websites for Web Developer Portfolio?

Greetings to all, Asking for some suggestions.

I am trying to build a Portfolio site to showcase my skills of HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, Bootstrap, making responsive websites, static WordPress sites etc. As, I am trying to go freelance, so I am feeling the need for this site badly. But, the problem is, I thought I will make some sites on my own and showcase them in my portfolio. Now, when I’ve decided that I am confused how to start making the sites. I am not that good yet to design a website from scratch by my own. Should I copy existing designs?

Can you provide me any suggestion in this regard? Should I clone a professional website/ clone a PSD or clone a free template? If you have more suggestions, please do give.
Thanks in advance for your valuable feedbacks.

Hey shofo1, the way I did it was I looked for code along tutorials on youtube html/css only, bootstrap sites, materialize css, etc. I also made a bunch of mini projects practicing side menus.

Then I looked at popular websites for ideas, for instance I googled watch store and then cloned the most popular site. I changed things up a bit by adding things I learnt from the code along tutorials like galleries with some css effects, different card panel styling, drop downs/side menus.

If not sure how to start a showcase then just google developer portfolio ideas or look at website award sites.

Hello RainbowRambo,
Thank you very much for your reply and sorry for my late reply. I will follow your suggestion. Can you share your portfolio if you don’t have any problem?