How To Make Split Carousel?

Hello Guys,Does anyone here know how to make a carousel, where the caption is on the left and the picture is on the right ?

you can see an example at this web Example Carousel

It would be very similar to making a non-split carousel. Have you tried making any carousel? If not, give it a try. Post any code you have written if you get stuck.

Thank you for the reply sir I once made a carousel but this one is different. This is in 1 row but it is split into 2 divs and what makes me confused is if the “arrow” is clicked then the caption on the left will change. The normal carousel cannot be made like that (bootstrap 4).Do you have advice or information on where to look for a carousel similar to that ?

What code do you have for a carousel that is not split into 2 divs? We can start from there.