How to make text aligned to the left while still centering list

Hello, I am working on my tribute page and I have to overcome a barrier thats not letting me align the text from the left to the right while still aligning the list to the center.

To give you guys a better idea down below is the example that I am trying to achieve

Code would be better than a screen shot. So we can see what you are doing, tried, and your thought process

As @Cody_Biggs pointed out, code would be better. Actually, post a link to you Codepn if you have one.

Since it starts from the left side of the page. I want it to be in the middle while still starting from the left to the right, like the example I provided above.

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@1to1 again code would be better. We have no idea how you have your css /html set up . Screenshots do not tell us anything other than you have text and a list. Is your list in a div? Are you using an id or class? What is the name of the id or class? We can’t see these things from your screenshot