How to make the most of a paid bootcamp?

Hi friends,

I now have 4 months ahead of me coding full-time. Hurrah. My question today is how to make the most of a paid bootcamp. Please offer your suggestions thanks :slight_smile:

I intend to my studies at bootcamp and the certificate here as is possible.

I attended a ‘Total Immersion’ college cramming a 2 year electronics program into one year, and I can tell you that the way I succeeded was to put EVERYTHING else on hold. And as a young person it was not easy.

Make up your mind before you start that this is what you will be living and breathing for the next 4 months. Tell your family and fiends you will not be available very much. Restrict your social media to a small block of time each day, and religiously stick to it. Make it your goal to be in the top quartile and study accordingly. Keep focused on the prize, and when you get tempted by some distraction, tell yourself it is only for 4 months and that you will make up for the sacrifice after graduation.

And forget about FCC for the 4 months - as the saying goes " you cannot serve two masters".

Focus, work hard, and succeed.


I can’t help but to say LOL to that typo :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way to get the most out of anything is to use it more than anyone else. :slight_smile:


What makes you think it was a typo? LOL :unamused:

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@rickstewart thanks I really like and appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

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@rickstewart by the way, I am curious about your electronics course. Can you say/link to anything about it? Cheers :smiley:

@Charlie_w I just took a look at their programs and its changed quite a lot, and they are no longer a private school but seem now to be associated with Yorkville University. They do still have an electronics program, but again it seems to have changed to a full degree program.

Here is the link if you want to have a look: RCCIT