How to make the right career choice?

How to choose a proper career if I’m undecided yet? Also, can anybody of you guys share some experience of working abroad?

You need to be clear about your interests and purpose. Also, focus on what you’re good at and try to master it. For example, if writing is your strong point, then focus on careers that may involve some facet of writing or smth like that.

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Well, I may not be an expert in such things, but I definitely think It’s worth a try. Not quite the same as traveling, though broadening your horizons and gives some useful experience.

Make sure you love it! I’ve worked people who are not passionate about software/programming, and they always struggled to keep up with the latest things and wouldn’t contribute ideas or anything too much. If you’re okay with just going in, working your 9-5 and getting a paycheck, I guess anything works!

Well, I currently work for SVAYA construction company, they provide quite convenient working conditions and decent pay. You can check up their site to get more info.

Have you already tried applying for internships? Look for opportunities abroad, that can be similar to your career path. I think it should work.

It’s kinda difficult to suggest something having no additional info. What is your specialty or interest?