How to mark an answer as a solution?


I posted a question and got an answer. How can I mark it as a solution? I couldn’t find any buttons to click.

Is it so only in Help category? Or is it still not implemented?


Click the ellipsis beneath that solution to show all the actions, then click the Checkbox to mark it as the solution.

Problem with center-block -Solved

Hmm, I don’t have this button !(

Seems that I also cannot embed images with markdown.


I dont have that button. so I had to edit headline and wrote [solved].

ability for all to change headlines is not a good idea. I dont remember this feature on any other serious documenting site(edit: apparently I’m wrong. thank you @sandino.) sooner or later it ll be a problem.


Look at Stackoverflow, it allows changing title. Although at SO you can see changes history.


you are right. I took that part back.