How to mark as "accepted answer" a response in Help / Questions category?

I see in the current banner that an “accepted answer” functionality exists for the Help / Questions category. I want to mark an answer to a question I asked (Responsive Design Testing: best method?) as accepted, but I can’t see how/where to do it. Can anyone help?

There should be a checkmark to select the post as the solution, at least on other forums it’s like that.

@Oxyrus I don’t see a checkmark :sweat_smile:

Which banner?

I am pretty sure there is no such feature on this forum.

@BenGitter The big blue one at the top of this page :slight_smile:

Ah, clicked that away a long time ago :slight_smile:.

But I guess it isn’t implemented yet. As far as I know it is as simple as adding a plugin to the forum. Maybe @QuincyLarson knows more about this?

Haha, I hadn’t even noticed it could be closed.