How to migrate app from Heroku to Netfliy? (deploy in Netlify from git)

I managed to deploy a full stack app in Heroku looking at a tutorial in youtube. That´s great apart from the fact I am displaying that app in my portfolio, and it takes AGES to load. The app takes so much to load in heroku, that sometimes I fear that employers won´t actually wait it to load thinking the url is broken and they won´t see my app.

I´m pretty sure it´s Heroku´s fault, because my app is pretty lightwait. I have some other things in netlify and it´s way way more faster.

The problem is have very little knowledge in deployment and I am not sure how would I deploy it netlify. How could I convert the following scripts that are made for heroku, to be able to work in netlify?

This is package.json:

 "heroku-postbuild":"NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=false npm install --prefix front && npm run build --prefix front",
    "heroku config":"set NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=true"

Would need to see the repo to help more. Netlify can only host static sites (HTML, CSS, and JS only).

Sure, here is the repo which I´m using for heroku:

Since this is a full stack project, you will not be able to use Netlify.

Ouch, right…do you recommend any other free sites where I could deploy my app? Or maybe an insight in how I could improve the load of the app? Since it takes so long it makes me even think I might check something that I could fix

It takes a long time to load if it is asleep. Heroku apps sleep if there is no activity for a period of time. You could signup for a free service that checks the uptime of a site every 5 minutes, so that your app would never sleep. Of course, this is a band-aid. You could bite the bullet and learn how to set up and manage your own server on a host like Digital Ocean for $5 per month. It is easy to setup and you will earn a lot in the process.

Oh great, thanks. Then I’ll check it out that trick. Probably will be enough for me.

I’m also studying for AWS certification so I probably set up a server manually on my own as you said, but better in the future.

Thanks for the help!