How to mimic BOOTSTRPA's responsive navBar using plain things

Like, is it possible to have a navBar similar to Bootstrap’s… I cant seem to find any tutorial or atleast a documentation how this cool thing was made with plain stuffs. or is it possible to achieve this using plain old HT,CSS and JS? if so, how? ThanKSSSS

The answer to your question is yes. It is possible and there are many tutorials on the inter-web to show how. While many people scoff at w3schools they have simple code examples you could follow to implement your own navbars. or in the least, start learning about them. Alternatively you can examine bootstrap source code to figure out how. Follow this link for one such example - responsive navbar


You will find some cool stuff here =>

More precisely here =>

@magservel HA! nearly beat me to it lol. But you did provide the how to’s link so better to follow that

Haha well done cow-boy, posting faster than your shadow :wink:

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@Exogenist Thanks for that but it seems its not the same with bootstraps it just changes the display property’s value upon screen change! But thanks,

I looked at the responsive navBar and saw it! Thanks!