How To Mobilize a Website?

Ive been creating responsive websites for excercise since two weeks and a half ago… but i cant seem to find any way on how to mobilize my site, i mean, visit in a mobile and view in the mobile design as I designed it on media queries…

My site displays the mobile website when in pc, basically, when i resize my window, but in my phone, instead of showing the mobile design, it shows the desktop instead… which is horrible, because its too small… Help! Thanks a lot

You want to use a responsive meta tag in the head of your html. See this css-tricks article.

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And This Absolutely Worked!!! :blush::blush::blush: Thanks For that!

I can finally have my own mobile-friendly website

You should look into learning Bootstrap. It’s basically what you’re already doing except its very popular in the web development industry. It ships with a responsive CSS grid system (using media queries) and also lots of other useful utilities.

Oh! I thinks that’s kinda cool when i will have my job… but the competition im preparing for restricts internet upon website creation, so Bootstrap is not a good idea, i use flexbox for responsive grids! I have used bootstrap for sometim actuall then i realized, im preparing for a competition, not for a job… but yeah, i agree, bootstrap is a good idea in creating responsive websites!

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