How To Move node moduels

Ok so here is the thing. I’m trying to fix an broken node JS app that was working and suddenly something in my enviorment changed and now i get all kinds of error messages so i was thinking of testing it on a fresh dev enviorment. so i was wondering if anyone out there that knows how to move node modules from os x to win10? also it cannot touch Git yet due to certain reasons. all help appriciated!

You mean globally installed modules? Otherwise your package.json should have all the project dependencies and you would just run npm install on the new system.

so what i need to make sure is moved over is node modules, package JSON and package-lock JSON files to test the node app on the new enviorment all needs to run localy on the new enviorment as it did on the old/current enviorment.

So the “new” question would be, is it as simple as to just move the txt files over to the new enviorment and then update all node/npm/nvm/git etc. ?

Do you need any globally install stuff?

Otherwise you just move the project source files and package.json. You don’t need to move the projects local modules folder they all get reinstall when you run npm install from within the project folder on the new system.

Not sure I understand the question, what txt files are you referring to?

Anyway I would just give it a try, if you run into any problems post here again.

the txt files was the source files i have just been trying to figure this out for a few hrs and have gone temp. confused and back to default…

So all i need to do is locate the package.json file and basically send it by email or copy to a memory stick and move it to the new enviorment and then update npm or install specific modules manually locally?

I’ll try out the steps in the link and see where it brings me ^^

Thanks for the reply!

So, i figured out what the issue was… the issue was in octokit in my sourcefiles and i have partly solved this issue… @lasjorg thank you for the help!