How to navigate a blog posts?

Hey !
I want to know how to call the pages of each posts group by clicking on previous and next buttons,
Some people saying that i can do it with PHP, is there any other options? How it works?

thanks in advance

Implementation depends of backend language used.
You need to write a query that calls/gathers what you want and that have some kind a identifier. Also you’ll need to now smallest and biggest available identifier alas you’ll go out-of-bounds of sorts. Now, when you now all of this, is to create anchor tags that in their href attributes as value container said identifier and path/route to backend. This is broad as it gets. If you use ajax, it’s a different story …

Let’s say I’ll use PHP, how it works?

If you use php, i’ll suggest using Laravel framework. Specifically look at this. Guy explains ungodly good. An if you decide to use Laravel, feel free to ask me for specifics.