How-to-npm "Make a new directory and `cd` into it" WHERE?

I am still a noob to webdev and don’t know if the tutorial is instructing me to make a new directory on my machine or somewhere in the c9 environment.

I am on “01 Dev Environment” of the how-to-npm tutorial.

The instructions read as follows:

"in order to be a good workshop program, we don’t want to litter
files all over your computer, so before going any further, let’s set up a
development environment.

Make a new directory and cd into it.

Run how-to-npm verify once you’re done. All the other commands
you run in this tutorial should be done in that folder."

Again, just make a directory on my computer?

I am using Chrome on Windows if that info is needed.

if you are working on c9 environment then make directory there and if you are solving the problems on your machine then make a directory there.After making the directory you have to go in that directory from command lline by doing " cd directoryname"

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For the how-to-npm program they want you to make a new directory inside of your c9 workspace. So over in the left hand folder tree, just right click and add a folder. Then, at the bottom right hand side of your workspace there should be a terminal window. There you can type cd nameOfTheFolderYouJustCreated to move into that folder.


olddognewtrix123:~/workspace $ cd HowToNPMtut
olddognewtrix123:~/workspace/HowToNPMtut $

Nice, thanks!

Hello @olddognewtrix123

I know this is an old post but I’m having the same problem as you but for some reason I can’t go into the directory I’ve created…

after creating a file called howtonpm…

I get this :

josh001:~/workspace $ cd howtonpm
bash: cd: howtonpm: Not a directory

do you know what I’m doing wrong?

The file is called howtonpm

It was created within the c9 environment on the left hand side where the files are displayed …

I know this forum is pretty old, but in order to get to the new folder that was created, you have to make sure your line says (something along the lines of) ec2-user:~/environment before you cd to your folder name