How to open the javascript console as a starting learner?

I just saw the video of the guy from freecodecamp about learning javascript. Now he says you must use a code editor and recommends a free editor found on freecodecamp. When I open this website it is not clear how to open that javascript console.

Right click on a webpage and click on inspect element then click on console you can get it there.

what free editor was that?

I’m not sure which video you’re referring to but the free editor might be VS Code?

Anyway, to get into a “JavaScript console” you’ll still need to run your JavaScript code in the browser and use the browser’s console.

Every browser based JavaScript app will have an HTML file as the entry point to the application. This is where you’ll add a <script> tag that will import your JavaScript.

If you’re using an online editor, some will have a “console” built into the UI (for example: CodePen). If you are using an online editor, or looking at a live website, you can open the browser console with F12.

Most probably CodePen.