How to order array of posts by timestamps?

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if there’s a way to get an array of posts be ordered by newest to oldest based off their timestamp. Right now I have an array that’s filled with posts created on different days and I want the array to be ordered from newest to oldest. The below shows an example of how the timestamps of the posts are store in MongoDB.

[February 28th 2023,  February 25th  2023, March 14  2023, February 2nd  2023,  April 24th  2023,  April 24th  2023, March 20th 2023,February 8th, 2023]

Thanks for the help

It’s being stored as a string. I am also using moment for the dates. Below is an example of how it looks in MongoDB Atlas

Timestamp: Febraury 18th, 2023 1:10:21 am             String

I would convert the strings to JavaScript dates and then sort the array using the sort method with an applicable compare function.

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