How to organize freeCodeCamp study group events in your city

In-person group programming sessions and events are fun!

This Wiki will help you with organizing a successful Local Group event.

With a little planning and communication, having a successful Local Group event can be easy! Here are some steps to help you in doing this:

  • Determine the topic for the event (code and coffee, hack session, invite campers to another organization’s event).

  • Find a suitable location. Local Group events should always take place in a public space (library, cafe, hackerspace).

  • Create an event on your Local Group’s Facebook page for the event, and link to it on your Local Group Facebook Group page.

  • Follow-up with reminder posts for the event 1 week prior to the event and then again the day before the event.

  • On the day of the event, arrive early, get set up, greet members, and kick the event off. Don’t forget to thank everyone afterwards and extend invites for future meetups.

Try to take some pictures and post them on your Local Group’s Facebook group page.

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