How to pair weather f/c with icons

Hello everyone,

I tried options but I am not sure how to pair weather (F/C) with icons

This is my simple Show local weather layout

These are icons

Need guidance.


in line 50 try this:
$("#weatherW").addClass(“wi wi-forecast-io-”+weatherW);

Thank you Slobodan. I tried what you suggested but I am confuse because ‘weatherW’ is not a jQuery class and got an unexpected error. So I created ‘weatherI’ (capital ‘I’ for icon) and kept above the ‘id=weatherW’. (tried few combination). Not sure, how the icon-code ( understand the value from ‘weatherW’ and display the icon. Thank you once again for your time. Kindly requesting, if you get a time could you suggest what I am doing wrong.

When you copy my code you get Unexpected token ILLEGAL because I use wrong quote character.
Try this code:

$('#weatherI').addClass('wi wi-forecast-io-'+weatherW);

Also you write wi wi-forcast-io- instead of wi wi-forecast-io-

Thank you Slobodan, it works. My bad, I misspelled and didn’t noticed. I appreciate your time and you have a sharp noticeable skills. Thank you once again