How to pass the obj in isCute and sing ? I can access the function and then i am getting the reference error of undefined

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let funModule=(()=>{
 isCuteMixin : (obj)=> {
  obj.isCute = () => {
      return true;
singMixin : (obj) => {
 obj.sing = () => {
   console.log("Singing to an awesome tune");

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Challenge: Use an IIFE to Create a Module

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What have you tried already?

function bird(name){ = name;


let duck = new bird(“fun”);



when the above code is compiled the output I get is
{ name: ‘fun’, sing: [Function] }
and I don’t get the value inside the function. I would like to know how to access the contents inside the function.

It shouldn’t differ much from using class method - duck.sing()

Thank you so much . I Understand

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