How to Peer dependencies in npm for ReactNative

I practiced Navigation in React Native ,Then that time I run the command Prompt Terminal
npm install --save react-navigation
while run the this “npm install --save react-navigation” then the error is:
Peer dependencies must be installed.
How to installed peer depencies,and I tried this cmd i.e…
npm install --peers and npm install -g install -g install-peerdeps

How to do Nanigation in React Native.Please help me and I facing this problem many times,…

Peer dependnecies are (forgive the repetition) dependencies that that program need in order to run, but are not shipped with it.

to make you an example:

react-router list as peer dependency react, that means that in order for react-router to work, i also need to have react installed in my app.

That said, if your error message doesn’t specifically state with dependency is missing, go into package.json file, look into the peerDependency section and look at what you are missing.
Hopefully installing it will solve the issue