How to place child div beneath parent div?

Hello there, I have the quote div inside the main div as you can see and in a media query for mobile viewers I want to place the quote beneath the main div, how could I do that? When I add margin-top to the quote, it moves in accordance to the top of the page, so, this doesn’t help…

I think you should learn some best practice for media queries:

Not sure what you are trying to achieve here. A quick pen and paper mock-up might help to visualise the final look you are after so we can help out.

If You Are Trying To Do The Result As You Can See In The Picture:-

Then Follow The Instructions:-

  1. In Your CSS Code you have given rule for Quote in 2 different groups.
    i) One Before The last CSS Rules.
    ii) One At the Middle. - - - - - - - - - - - Go and Check Out!

  2. Mix Up The Rules - - - Make them Together. (like You Can see In The Picture)

Try Using Different Quantities There. Like:-

  1. Change “Margin-top: -50px” and "Padding-bottom: 0px"


Not sure what your fiddle is showing.

a child div beneath tis parent div?